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Terms and Conditions
Important Information

1. Medical documentation in support of requests for special accommodations must be submitted within the registration period. No supporting documentation will be accepted beyond the registration period and no accommodations can be awarded thereafter. The MSU Testing Offices reserve the right to reject or modify a request for special accommodation.

 2. All sections of the tests will be administered only at the times scheduled by the respective testing offices for Northern and Southern Greece and requests for changes to the scheduled times will not be considered.

 3. The respective testing offices reserve the right to refuse admission to or expel a candidate from a test center should the candidate not adhere to exam regulations or be found cheating.

 4. The respective testing offices reserve the right to refuse admission to or expel a candidate from a test center should the candidate not adhere to exam regulations or be found to be attempting to gain an unfair advantage during testing. Examples of misconduct which constitute an attempt to gain an unfair advantage include but are not limited to the following:

  • Giving or receiving help of any kind
  • Looking through the test booklet before the test begins
  • Looking back at a section after time has been called for that section
  • Looking at the next section before it is time
  • Marking or changing answers after time is called
  • Attempting to remove test materials from the testing room
  • Making written notes of any exam materials
  • Using a mobile phone at any time during testing
  • Causing a disturbance of any kind
  • Failing to follow testing procedures
  • Failing to follow examiners’/proctors’ instructions

5. The respective testing offices will report any irregularities taking place at the exam centers to the University. The University reserves the right to not assess candidates’ performance should their behavior not be in compliance with the regulations stated above. 

6. Candidates and schools are entirely accountable for all incorrect or incomplete information they may provide when registering for the exams (e.g. choice of exam level, spelling of names, date of birth, contact information, etc.).

7. If candidates subsequently decide to withdraw from an exam, or fail to report on the day of the exam, they are not entitled to a refund of their registration fee. In cases of health issues, medical documentation from either a hospital or a Public Healthcare Center should be submitted immediately after each exam date.

8. In accordance with the new directives from the Ministry of Finance, candidates are also required to submit their personal information (Surname, Name, Father's name, as well as their full postal address) in Greek, so that valid receipts can be issued. Receipts for examination fees paid will be sent electronically after the written exams have been administered.

9. No candidate is allowed to register to take both levels B2 and C2 in the same examination period.

10. Re-scoring can only be requested during the period stipulated after the announcement of results, and all communication is to be conducted directly with the English Language Center at Michigan State University ( after following the directions shown at the link provided for request of their services. Re-scoring requests of results below 58/100 will not be accepted.

11. On the day of the exams, candidates should report to the test center with a valid ID, their exam timetable, pencils and white erasers.

12. In the case certificates are not claimed after dispatch, there return to the respective test offices. It is then the responsibility of the Language Schools or candidates to initiate the re-claiming process at their own expense.