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What to expect on the exam day
Before the exam

Two weeks before the exam, an e-mail is dispatched with information about exam schedules and venues. You do not need this on the day of the exam but remember the name of your exam room. (e.g. Conference Room or 502)

You should be at your test center at least 45 minutes before the beginning of the written exam and 30 minutes before the oral interview.

You should have with you a valid ID or passport with a recent photograph.

Do not bring pens or any kind of correction tape or fluid (e.g. Tippex) with you; you should bring only a white eraser. At the test center, the examination staff will provide you with a suitable pencil for all sections of the examination.

During the Exams

Written exam procedure

Approximately 30 minutes before the beginning of the written exams, a member of the examinations staff will instruct you to report to your test room. If there is more than one room, instructions will be provided accordingly.

At the entrance to your test room, your ID or passport will be checked before you are admitted.

Once inside the test room, you will be shown where to sit.

The written examination is administered in the following order, which is the order in which each section appears in your test booklet: Essay, Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Reading Comprehension.

There are no breaks. You may be allowed to go to the restroom, if needed, but no extra time will be provided nor will the CD be stopped during the listening section. You are advised to ask to be allowed to visit the restroom only if necessary and then only if you have finished work on a particular section or soon after the instructions for the next section have been given and candidates have been asked to begin work.

You may not look at previous sections of the test during the exam or look ahead at the next section if you have finished work on a section.

At the end of the examination, all booklets and answer sheets will be collected and counted. During this time you must remain silently in your seats. Talking is not allowed under any circumstances.

The Exam Supervisor will inform you when you may leave the room.

Oral Exam procedure

Approximately 20 minutes before the scheduled time of your interview you should report to the test center.
When ready, your examiner will invite you into the test room.

After checking your ID, the examiner will ask you to sign the mark sheet. If there is any problem with the spelling of your name, make sure you inform the examiner at this point what the correct spelling is even if you have already informed the room supervisor during the earlier written exam.

After a short warm up stage, your examiner will give you 6 different prompts which will ask you to provide descriptions, narrations or support for your opinion on a number of topics. Sometimes follow-up prompts will be given.

Candidate Support

How to deal with unexpected occurrences

If you are faced with any unexpected problem on the day of the exam, anywhere within the jurisdiction of The American College of Greece, contact the ELTC Offices at 210 600 3411. If the test center you are being examined at is in the area within the jurisdiction of the Testing Office of Anatolia College, then you should contact 2310 398 372.

For any further inquiries, fill out the website communication form.