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The Examination Process at a Glance
Both the MSU-CELC and MSU-CELP have exactly the same format and timed sections. These exams are designed to test all 4 language skills and each of the 4 sections carries equal points, i.e. 25 for a total of 100 points.

Section 1: Writing (25 points)

Think about it—Write about it! A test of English writing ability (80% of the score, i.e. 20 of 25 points)

The essay section offers you a choice of two prompts. You will be given 35 minutes to respond to one of the prompts to the best of your ability in an Opinion Essay format. There is no specified word limit.


Grammar you can use! A test of English Grammar (20% of the score, i.e. 5 of 25 points)

The grammar test consists of 40 multiple-choice items. Lasting 25 minutes, the test requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of various features of English grammar.

Section 2: Listening (25 points)

Listen to this! A test of English listening ability

The listening comprehension section takes approximately 45 minutes and consists of three parts: short dialogues, medium-length dialogues, and 2 examples of extended discourse. The texts played in the third part are heard twice.

Section 3: Reading (25 points)

Read about it! A test of English reading ability

You will have 60 minutes to complete the reading comprehension section, which consists of a total of 40 questions that follow four unrelated reading passages.  

Section 4: Speaking (25 points)

Talk about it! A test of English speaking ability

This is a guided 10-12 minute interview where candidates are expected to perform 6 different tasks requiring them to describe, narrate and support their opinion on a number of topics. Two examiners will evaluate the candidate’s performance on each of the 6 tasks.


Each of the sections carries equal points, i.e. 25 for a total of 100 points. The 60% base is a result of adding points from each of the papers together and by no means requires a minimum performance per paper.

Scoring Diagram - CELC

Total Grade

  • 90-100: Honors Pass
  • 70-89: Clear Pass
  • 60-69: Marginal Pass
  • 50-59: Narrow Fail
  • 0-49: Fail
Scoring Diagram - CELP

Total Grade

  • 90-100 Honors Pass
  • 70-89 Clear Pass
  • 60-69 Marginal Pass
  • 50-59 Narrow Fail
  • 0-49 Fail