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Register for the May 2024 MSU exams by March 24th.

Why MSU Exams?

The MSU exams are user friendly because of their format and scoring system. They are entirely designed and scored in the USA; extensive piloting of the exams was conducted in Greece and USA. 

MSU certificates can open doors to academic prospects and career opportunities as they are recognized by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ΑΣΕΠ) and are administered by two of the most prominent American academic institutions of Higher Education in Greece, Anatolia College and DEREE-The American College of Greece.

The exams procedure at a glance

On the day of the written examination you need to arrive at you test center at least 45 minutes earlier.  You should also have with you your ID or passport,  and a white eraser.

For the oral examination, you need to be at the test center 30 minutes earlier.

Exam Preparation

There are a number of course books and examination preparation books by Greek and International publishers on the market. Our website also features materials released by MSU, Anatolia College and DEREE-The American College of Greece. 

Nevertheless, it is important to expose yourself to the language itself, through music, TV series, films and meeting native speakers, rather than just read about the language.