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Why the MSU examinations

You should opt for the MSU Exams because:

  • All 4 skills are tested (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening)
  • The format is mainly multiple choice
  • Everyday English is tested
  • The Speaking Test is short and straightforward
  • The Listening section has only 3 distractors (a,b,c)
  • There is no separate Vocabulary section
  • There is generous timing factored in for all sections of the test
  • Success is determined by aggregate scoring

Designed by the English Language Center (ELC) of Michigan State University and administered by American academic institutions of Higher Education, Anatolia College in northern Greece and DEREE-The American College of Greece in southern Greece, the MSU certificates add value to your resume.


The MSU certificates are recognized by The Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ΑΣΕΠ) at levels B2 and C2. Our certificate holders fulfill the English Language prerequisite for access to the Civil Service competitions and admission to programs at the Public Universities and Institutes of Higher Education across the country.
(ΑΣΕΠ link)

The MSU-CELP is accepted as an English Language entry requirement by a number of Institutions of Higher Education around the world, including Michigan State University, The American College of Thessaloniki and The American College of Greece.